Week 15- artist interview- Elia Murray

Got to meet Elia today and was so friendly and easy to talk to!. She Does pet portrits  just to have fun. But over the summer she is starting her own job where people can order these pet drawings, paintings or sculptures. All orders can be made on her website. She is starting to learn needle felting for these portrits. Also she molded and sculpted pets and then painted it, which are also for sale! The process used is called super sculpting. 

Her dad was an illustrator and mom is an artist. Highschool started to serious art. Parents almost forced her into doing art in college! Agin she was Very friendly and funny lady. 

Oh and she also writes poetry and short story’s. And publishes books from there. One book was on why a black bare became a polar bear. She would love to be a character designer/ character fabrication for a career and is hoping for an internship at stupid buddies !  



Week 8- artist interview- Brian Davis

So this week i was drawn into Brians juicing display just ike so many other students. I was definatly ready for some juice given how thirsty I was! what he was doing was nothing short of art, from the mugs he made himself to repurposing the 70s art desk to utilze as shelf space.

I highly respected how Brian approached the juicing. Fist off he uses all organic fruits and vegitables, and to top that off he tries to grow as much as possible himself and what he doesnt he picks up at a krean market. We got into the nutritioon of jucing and he said that there isnt much nurients lost in the pulp extract which was interesting for me to learn. a great guy with some great juice!

Week 5- artist interview- Dianna Franco

Located in Gatov west I got to meet this great lady Dianna! She was so enthusiastic about her work and loved answering all the questions from us students. Each one of her paintings in the gallery took around three weeks to paint, and all of these paintings were painted in the summer 2014. She used both acrylic and oil based painting,sometimes spray paint which composed her beautiful works of art. I asked her what here ideas for work come from and she replied that cosmos and brain scans are an inspiration, also that she enjoyed using bright colors because it makes her happy and that positivity definitely beams through her work!