Week2- spray painting

It’s was pretty difficult but I managed to get through it! It was a fun experience even though it was done in the dark because I was had work then went off-roading today. After doing this I come to have great respect for these artist, I found it very difficult and don’t know how they produce those sharp lines, anyways I used blue Blake and gold and am satisfied how it came out for it being my first time!



Week two- artist interview- Chase

I interviewed Chase the artist in front of the Marilyn Werby Gallery, I forgot to ask for the last name sorry! But a very nice guy and I was talking to him about his picture with the lion in it that he calls “Discovery Channel” I find this picture very chaotic and that’s what he said he was exactly going for. He said that he loves two things, the wilderness and chaos. I asked him where the scenery came from and he told me the room is a coffee shop he was in and the chandelier was spotted by him when traveling, he said that all these little bits and pieces just come together in his head
which I find very interesting and he was able to produce a beautiful piece!
Lion picture, artist is chase (discover channel is painting name)
-Marilyn werby gallery


Week 2 interview a classmate (Gibson and Jay)

For this week I actually interviewed 2 guys in a group interview, Gibson and Jay. Gibson Reedy is from Oregon which I find very interesting because I love the outdoors and hiking, He is a film maker since he was 10, made over 80 personal video projects. He is at CSULB for the film program,wanting to either direct biopic movies or be a cinematographer. He enjoys the art of making hip hop music videos and can’t wait to make a successful career in the entertainment industry.
Second was Jay Tilva, He is a business man and always have been. He was born in India and moved to Cali when he was 8. Lived a short year in Georgia freshmen year of high school. He is pursuing my bachelors in business. He love animals, sports, and the great outdoors.
Two very cool guys and I enjoyed meeting and talking to them!