Week 15- student interview- Pablo Gonzalez 

So I got to meet and talk to Pablo this week! He is a very nice guy and a local like me, he did cross country and track at Los al, which has our rivals for water polo back in highschool! I asked if he still runs and he said ovation ally but which school he stays kind of busy, I mentioned how it’s only going to get worse haha. He doesn’t work which should help relieve him of some time stress. I also slaked about what times he was running for track and he was a quick runner! Especially for the 1 and 2 mile race.

He is a 1st year at Csulb studying mechanical engineering. Which is what I wanted to do in highschool so I can go into the creation of prostetic limbs! We then went into talking about internships and I mentioned how bowing hires a lot of interns from here and he should get an early start on that since he wants to hopefully work for bowing out of college!



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I go to CSULB for business managment, I am a boxer and teach boxing fitness classes at my university along withbeing a swim instructor teaching kids how to swim

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