Week 15- artist interview- Elia Murray

Got to meet Elia today and was so friendly and easy to talk to!. She Does pet portrits  just to have fun. But over the summer she is starting her own job where people can order these pet drawings, paintings or sculptures. All orders can be made on her website. She is starting to learn needle felting for these portrits. Also she molded and sculpted pets and then painted it, which are also for sale! The process used is called super sculpting. 

Her dad was an illustrator and mom is an artist. Highschool started to serious art. Parents almost forced her into doing art in college! Agin she was Very friendly and funny lady. 

Oh and she also writes poetry and short story’s. And publishes books from there. One book was on why a black bare became a polar bear. She would love to be a character designer/ character fabrication for a career and is hoping for an internship at stupid buddies !  



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I go to CSULB for business managment, I am a boxer and teach boxing fitness classes at my university along withbeing a swim instructor teaching kids how to swim

4 thoughts on “Week 15- artist interview- Elia Murray”

      1. Awesome! TY! And thanks for your great presence, participation, etc, in class this semester! And for actually sitting in the front!! 😀

        Have a great summer!

        See you Thursday!


      2. I don’t see why more people sit in the front! It’s not like it’s a 2 mile walk to get to the front haha, thank you for your unique and insightful class! You too have a great summer and I will see you Thursday!


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