Week 12- artist interview- Piet Epping

From even befor class started I knew that Piet Epping was very friendly. Around 10 min before class was starting he announced to the class that he was just getting coffee, reassuring us that he wasn’t leaving! 

When in the gallery he Spoke about a piece he made called Christianity crystallize. Which he told us signifies Jesus through many signs like pierced hands and feet, spear in the hard, the cross he was crucified on, the pice itself represents a tombstone. He then went on to say that Christianity may “crystallize” over time. He is very knowledgeable of religion, Christianity in particular.

He went on to speed about one of my favorite pieces with a ridiculously long name! Songharijaneszzchee Unman, he described how her face has both happiness and sadness, just like life. Then about her full breast shows that she had had kids that have both brought her happiness. A backpack on her back shows how life can weigh you down, but you have to keep on walking. And finally the pot on her hear is like an ern that represents all her love ones to pass away, like grandparents, parents, and possible even one of her children.

I love haw he describes to you exactly what the art represents, and it is not left up to interpretation, that’s just how my mind works! And the passion he has in his art you can feel and understand. This was one of my favorites just because of the artist himself, because of how passionate and informative he was.



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