Week 11- activity- plaster hand

So this weekend was unfortunately a very busy weekend studying and I didn’t have time to get to the beach. But fortunately I had everything at home to do the project!!! At first I tried doing a fist for the mold, but with my large fist and small wrist, this did not work out and I changed it up after 5 attempts. Taking on the open hand I found to be easier because it allowed for an easy removal out of the sand, I was just worried about breaking fingers after it dried.

I had my dad help me out because he is manager of a dental lab and deals with making molds all day!!! He was great help with the consistency of the sand and plaster but it took awhile for the plaster to dry because the sand remained moist in the bucket. I took it out after 40 minutes and two fingers still fell off! But I just placed them back on for the picture…. I think this project made me think the most about the process and how to remove the plaster but overall it was a great project!!!! 



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I go to CSULB for business managment, I am a boxer and teach boxing fitness classes at my university along withbeing a swim instructor teaching kids how to swim

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