Week 11- artist interview-  Kruse and Pena



I had a great experience walking into the art of these two guys art gallery, They introduced themselves by there last name Kruse Pena. When first stepping in, car bumpers were on each side,I was curious as to why they were there. When I asked the artists, they responded that those bumpers were there to act as a frame to their art piece. It really did feel like you were stepping into the art when entering the room.

When first stepping in you are surrounded by art in all six directions.  There was plywoods with their spray-painted artwork. There was a sign in the back that has been altered and rearrange that they salvage from the city, which I found to be one of the most interesting pieces. Also that the floor was littered with paper as if it represented a rural city street. I loved how I was engulfed by the art and had limitless things to look at.

To top that off they placed their artwork/paintings over this backroom. One of my favorite pieces was of this man and it was painted and black-and-white. But what caught my eye was the texture that seem to be coming off the paper. When I asked the artist if this was textured he responded that it was done through a press method by etching into a sheet of metal the design and then laying over a paper with ink on the metal. These were almost the same method that we learned earlier!!!! Here is the picture of the man below 


From the trash on the ground to the spray-painted walls, to the foraged sign, to the art on the wall to the bumper frame, this display was by far one of my favorites and we even exchanged instagrams between eatchother!


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