Week 13- artist interview- Marty Knop

I found Marty reading a book at the table when I first approached him, but when I began talking to him I found him very easy to talk to!! I found out how he created these amazing designs. They were done with an interesting process. He had first created these designs by coding a formula in a program called mathimatica, he then blows up these images using the presses of silk screen, for his colored prices he actually used bear house paint! 

I really enjoyed this gallery because it tied into our algorithmic art activity we recently did! And I was able to hold my own in a conversation about coding because my brother is a computer scientists! Great gallery this week with a very positive artist!


Week 13- student interview- Joseph Cardoso

So this week I had the chance to talk to Joseph Cardoso! He is a sophomore and is majoring in human development. I had to ask him to help me distinguish the difference between human and children development! He lives in Long Beach just like me, but went to poly high school instead of Wilson like me. He was not into highschool sports, but enjoy running!

 Apart from English and Spanish, he learned some German, crazy to think he knows almost 3 languages. He enjoys creating Digital art on his free time which I find interesting! He focuses on 3D modeling and give his models out for free. His goals is to ultimately become a counselor and also to explore the world!



Week 12- activity- algorithmic art

so for this art project I was excited because my brother is a computer science major and have written code to form programs for this specific need!!! But of course he misplaced these files not allowing me to use them for this project…

It was difficult finding a website that did not require downloading software to creat this art, but I did eventually find this website called silk, which mirrors everything over the center. And with that I created a tree!!


I really enjoyed doing this, I had to play around with it at first to get a feel for how the later works but after 10 min I was able to creat this tree! Very fun project overall just wished there were more websites to choose from.

Week 12- artist interview- Piet Epping

From even befor class started I knew that Piet Epping was very friendly. Around 10 min before class was starting he announced to the class that he was just getting coffee, reassuring us that he wasn’t leaving! 

When in the gallery he Spoke about a piece he made called Christianity crystallize. Which he told us signifies Jesus through many signs like pierced hands and feet, spear in the hard, the cross he was crucified on, the pice itself represents a tombstone. He then went on to say that Christianity may “crystallize” over time. He is very knowledgeable of religion, Christianity in particular.

He went on to speed about one of my favorite pieces with a ridiculously long name! Songharijaneszzchee Unman, he described how her face has both happiness and sadness, just like life. Then about her full breast shows that she had had kids that have both brought her happiness. A backpack on her back shows how life can weigh you down, but you have to keep on walking. And finally the pot on her hear is like an ern that represents all her love ones to pass away, like grandparents, parents, and possible even one of her children.

I love haw he describes to you exactly what the art represents, and it is not left up to interpretation, that’s just how my mind works! And the passion he has in his art you can feel and understand. This was one of my favorites just because of the artist himself, because of how passionate and informative he was.


Week 12- student interview- Hunter Dimas 

So me and Hunter promised eatchother that we would interview eatchother because we talked before spring break and found out we went to the same highschool that was right down the street!

I learned that he was a Florensic science major. He took a class in highschool but he said it was a joke! But he is majoring in this career hoping to become a firearm/tool marks position at the police department. Which is basically figuring out what gun was used in a murder or what tools were used to break into a house, ect. I find that this career is very interesting and like that he really has a vision on what he wants to do!

I wanted to catch up on how Wilson was doing, my old highschool since he is a year younger than me. Come to find, he knows my cousin! We discussed many aspects of the school but one thing that stuck out to me was that someone paid for every student to take for 2 free AP test on them! Which would of been amazing of that was the year before!!! But Hinter was a great guy to talk to and I enjoyed catching up on my old highschool!


Week 11- activity- plaster hand

So this weekend was unfortunately a very busy weekend studying and I didn’t have time to get to the beach. But fortunately I had everything at home to do the project!!! At first I tried doing a fist for the mold, but with my large fist and small wrist, this did not work out and I changed it up after 5 attempts. Taking on the open hand I found to be easier because it allowed for an easy removal out of the sand, I was just worried about breaking fingers after it dried.

I had my dad help me out because he is manager of a dental lab and deals with making molds all day!!! He was great help with the consistency of the sand and plaster but it took awhile for the plaster to dry because the sand remained moist in the bucket. I took it out after 40 minutes and two fingers still fell off! But I just placed them back on for the picture…. I think this project made me think the most about the process and how to remove the plaster but overall it was a great project!!!! 


Week 11- artist interview-  Kruse and Pena



I had a great experience walking into the art of these two guys art gallery, They introduced themselves by there last name Kruse Pena. When first stepping in, car bumpers were on each side,I was curious as to why they were there. When I asked the artists, they responded that those bumpers were there to act as a frame to their art piece. It really did feel like you were stepping into the art when entering the room.

When first stepping in you are surrounded by art in all six directions.  There was plywoods with their spray-painted artwork. There was a sign in the back that has been altered and rearrange that they salvage from the city, which I found to be one of the most interesting pieces. Also that the floor was littered with paper as if it represented a rural city street. I loved how I was engulfed by the art and had limitless things to look at.

To top that off they placed their artwork/paintings over this backroom. One of my favorite pieces was of this man and it was painted and black-and-white. But what caught my eye was the texture that seem to be coming off the paper. When I asked the artist if this was textured he responded that it was done through a press method by etching into a sheet of metal the design and then laying over a paper with ink on the metal. These were almost the same method that we learned earlier!!!! Here is the picture of the man below 


From the trash on the ground to the spray-painted walls, to the foraged sign, to the art on the wall to the bumper frame, this display was by far one of my favorites and we even exchanged instagrams between eatchother!