Week 9- activity- Architecture & Urban Planning


 We can start off with the map shown above. The drawling of my map is heavily based on two things, one of which is of course the classes I attend and my major being in business. The second is the fact that I am a commuter and Park at my uncles house and bike from there. Therefore my knowledge of most of the campus relies on the bike paths I take. For instance I am very familiar with the hill that run by the LA buildings and how hard it is to bike up that hill!


For redesigning the campus I decided to redesign the room in which I started my boxing class in!  I just recently started this class last year and wish to make many improvements to the room. For one instead of having kickboxing bags I would love to have your set bags ranging from 150 pounds to 300 pound bags. Some other equipment that will allow me to teach my boxing class more efficiently would be slip bags to allow the students to work on head movement, double and bags to allow the students to work on coordination of the punches, and a speed bag to work on the rythem of the punches!

As far as adopting a building I would like to see changes made in the CBA building. For one have it retrofitted, nicer elevators and clean up the extirior. As far as the classrooms go we always have technical difficulties with the technology so that needs to be updated. Along with the seats and tables, but not only this I would like more power sources available with the student seating like the new engineering building has. These are all great ideas I wish to be implemented into the building!!!! Have a nice day!


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I go to CSULB for business managment, I am a boxer and teach boxing fitness classes at my university along withbeing a swim instructor teaching kids how to swim

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