Week 10- student interview- Antonio Jimenez

So I had a chance to talk to Antonio Jimenez today, easy name to remember because it is the same as mine! We started off talking about how he was having WordPress issues and couldn’t even log in! I tried giving him some tips but I’m not that tech savvy myself.

He is a 1st year at Csulb so one year younger than me. He is a pych major and we discussed how I was very interested in psych but business had so many opportunities for me. I asked him why this school and he said honestly this was the best school out of the ones he applied to. Something I find surprising is that he commutes an hour and thirty minutes to school all the way from LA!

Right now he doesn’t work because he is just focusing on school. We got to talking about boxin and how I teach a boxing class at school and he said that he used to box when he was younger, his dad showed him a few things on the bag because he was being bullied, which is a great incentive for boxing! Antonio was a great guy to talk to with plenty in common!!





Week 9- activity- Architecture & Urban Planning


 We can start off with the map shown above. The drawling of my map is heavily based on two things, one of which is of course the classes I attend and my major being in business. The second is the fact that I am a commuter and Park at my uncles house and bike from there. Therefore my knowledge of most of the campus relies on the bike paths I take. For instance I am very familiar with the hill that run by the LA buildings and how hard it is to bike up that hill!


For redesigning the campus I decided to redesign the room in which I started my boxing class in!  I just recently started this class last year and wish to make many improvements to the room. For one instead of having kickboxing bags I would love to have your set bags ranging from 150 pounds to 300 pound bags. Some other equipment that will allow me to teach my boxing class more efficiently would be slip bags to allow the students to work on head movement, double and bags to allow the students to work on coordination of the punches, and a speed bag to work on the rythem of the punches!

As far as adopting a building I would like to see changes made in the CBA building. For one have it retrofitted, nicer elevators and clean up the extirior. As far as the classrooms go we always have technical difficulties with the technology so that needs to be updated. Along with the seats and tables, but not only this I would like more power sources available with the student seating like the new engineering building has. These are all great ideas I wish to be implemented into the building!!!! Have a nice day!

Week 9- artist interview-Leslie Nishigawara

I had a chance to meet their kind artis names Leslie that works with fiber! She loved art when she was young. Timing was perfect to get her masters and she came to Csulb because of the fiber art that is rare to find in other art schools. When working with fabric she focuses on how the fabric absorbs ink, very intricate and presice work with measuring and making everything semetrical, jumps back and forth between free form and straight lines. Very relaxed and nice artist!

Week 9- student interview- Kyle dinsmore

So I meet Kyle today and he is a really friendly guy and in his 2nd year like me! He is a Business major also so we had plenty to talk about and I recommend him to a program to join! He worked as a Background actor but didn’t have time this year. He is also a commuter like me and Commutes from fountain valley. Did basket ball and cross country in highschool and also did ti quan do when younger. I had plenty to talk about and hope to talk to him again!


week 8- activity- remix culture

So for remix culture this week i decided to make a poem describing someone not really there. Basically i will be using one sentence from each student interview randomly chosen and try to create a universal description!

First off the copyright I would choose for any project that I create would be the Creative Commons, Non-Commercial copyright. I would choose this one because I would want people to be able to use my work, but if it was ever out there on a larger scale I would want to some control over it. I think copyrights are good in some regards, but in other ways they for sure limit creativity and the ability to remix.

When she introduced herself to me, I noticed that she was the more reserved and shy type.

She’s an Anthropology major specializing in Primatology, which is the study of monkeys.

She has no idea what she is going to do with this degree…

I actually went to high school with her!

I never really knew her, but I knew she was one of my best friend’s sisters.

The reason why she picked Long Beach was because she likes the Pacific Ocean!

She also used to work at the bookstore here on campus,

but now she is currently looking for another job.

We were talking about how hot it was while we were roaming around the art galleries,

And she said it is even hotter back at home!

I found it so interesting to go through and read other peoples student interviews and most of all, how everyone is so different yet you can bring together a “new person” just by combining a few random sentences!!!

Week 8- artist interview- Brian Davis

So this week i was drawn into Brians juicing display just ike so many other students. I was definatly ready for some juice given how thirsty I was! what he was doing was nothing short of art, from the mugs he made himself to repurposing the 70s art desk to utilze as shelf space.

I highly respected how Brian approached the juicing. Fist off he uses all organic fruits and vegitables, and to top that off he tries to grow as much as possible himself and what he doesnt he picks up at a krean market. We got into the nutritioon of jucing and he said that there isnt much nurients lost in the pulp extract which was interesting for me to learn. a great guy with some great juice!

Week 8- student interview- Kimberly Carrasco

I had a chance to get to know Kimberly this week! She is a 2nd year sociology major and gave me some info about their program so I can help out my girlfriend she was deciding on a college to transfer to. She is working as an undergraduate reasearch assistant under a program called UROL. On her free time she enjoys going to the beach! Her favorite sport is baseball right next to soccer. She commutes just like me! But she comes from Lynwood rather than Long Beach like me… But is was great talking and getting to know her!