Week two- artist interview- Chase

I interviewed Chase the artist in front of the Marilyn Werby Gallery, I forgot to ask for the last name sorry! But a very nice guy and I was talking to him about his picture with the lion in it that he calls “Discovery Channel” I find this picture very chaotic and that’s what he said he was exactly going for. He said that he loves two things, the wilderness and chaos. I asked him where the scenery came from and he told me the room is a coffee shop he was in and the chandelier was spotted by him when traveling, he said that all these little bits and pieces just come together in his head
which I find very interesting and he was able to produce a beautiful piece!
Lion picture, artist is chase (discover channel is painting name)
-Marilyn werby gallery



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I go to CSULB for business managment, I am a boxer and teach boxing fitness classes at my university along withbeing a swim instructor teaching kids how to swim

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