Week 5- activity- Kickstarter

So the first category I choose was photography because of my own love for photography!!
This link above was a Kickstarter to show how the military had their own life back at home. I appreciate how it shows the difference between the life at home in the life at service for the military. But what I did not think made it a good ad was that they did not specify what this money was going towards, whether it be towards travel costs or towards cost of equipment. Therefore I do not believe it is a good ad because the people who are investing money in it do you not know where it will go.

Next is this artist that wishes to create a book composed of all her photos and paintings. It is directly specified that the money will go towards the production of these books and she is also backed by respect photography program in Toronto. I will leave that this is a great ad because she for one gives background into her own life, and also shows what this money is being invested in and what exactly the project and book is about.

Second category is technology because who doesn’t love that!!
I came across this amazing product on kick starter which is essentially an iPhone case that is also a Polaroid camera. I love Polaroid cameras and for there to be a camera case that doubles as a Polaroid camera is better than sliced bread. I think this will hit off big because the whole retro thing is in style right now and with a $50 donation you get a preorder of this camera case which I totally would’ve done if you want to be sold out!

This last product I find to be somewhat pointless, especially in the way it is advertised. The product is essentially a remote for your cell phone. It is advertised in the ad that this small wireless remote Can be used when the phone is out of reach, when in reality what’s the difference in reaching for your phone and reaching for the remote, I just feel that this product could of been advertised for more creative purposes.


Week 5- student interview- Brandon Hamada

I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon this week, he is a very friendly guy and came up to me to ask for an interview! Some facts about him are that he is a Mechanical engineering major, which requires some crazy hard classes to take which I respect about him. Something interesting he told me was that he likes writing short stories and anything with a good narrative, sometimes he even creates his own worlds and writes about them! In his spare time he also likes scuba diving and traveling just like me!



Week 5- artist interview- Dianna Franco

Located in Gatov west I got to meet this great lady Dianna! She was so enthusiastic about her work and loved answering all the questions from us students. Each one of her paintings in the gallery took around three weeks to paint, and all of these paintings were painted in the summer 2014. She used both acrylic and oil based painting,sometimes spray paint which composed her beautiful works of art. I asked her what here ideas for work come from and she replied that cosmos and brain scans are an inspiration, also that she enjoyed using bright colors because it makes her happy and that positivity definitely beams through her work!


Week 4- artist interview- Liz


As a was looking at this beautiful picture being reminded of Naples I went over to the artist out front to ask them who composed it to start of a conversation, it was sad to then realized the people behind the brush were not as beautiful as the painting itself, I received the reply after that question with a blunt “go look at the paper” now I was in going to try not to be forward and disrespectful in this review until after I finished talking to Glenn I was greeted with a thumbs up by one of artist followed by laugher after discussing the issue with the professor, showing the level of maturity this students of art have, obviously you listened to my discussion with the professor so I will just leave it at this. Many doors have opened due to me being able to be a “people person,” from watching under some of the greatest fighters in the world, to starting up my own fitness classes at 18 yrs old and all I have to say is your ignorance towards the benefits of being able to communicate well with people matched with your immaturity will not get you far in a successful life.

Week 4- student interview- J Perez

I got a chance to speak to this great man J Perez, he is a really cool guy and went to the same high school as me! Although he is a year older we still have plenty of mutual friends due to him playing soccer at Wilson high school.
He is going to CSULB as a computer engineer which is a great field to go in because of the way technology is advancing now a days. He is also married and works as a computer technician for the 49er shop. Great man to meet this week!
J Perez


Week 3- student interview- Conor Hawks

So I meet this guy named Conor who is a really cool guy and we gained a connection through the similarity of boxing! Which is a passion of mine. So Conor was in coast guard, he is a 2nd year as a film major. He also enjoys to snowboard and go to the gym and play beach football. He said he thought the art we saw was great. Allowing people to interact with the art is something he has never seen. It made the art come alive and gave you a connection to the piece. Conor’s favorite kind of art is sculptures because of the minor intricate details and he has an appreciation for the difficulty of working with the different materials.


Conor Hawks